Book Your Table

We're a small little neighbourhood bar and restaurant in West End, open from 5pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

Please note each reservation has a set dining limit specific to your booking, so please help us give everyone a great experience by sticking within your limit.

If you are looking to have a longer sitting we recommend booking the later slots at 7.30/8 so you can stay till we call last drinks!

Let us know if you have any preferences or dietary requirements in the notes - we will do our best to accomodate them all.

Please note, we only take reservations for dining guests - if you're looking for a drink or snack then please walk on in. We have a section of the place set aside for just that!

As a reminder, our booking starts from your booking time, not when you arrive, so if you are running late please let us know. We will hold your table for you, it just may be a little shorter booking if someone is booked behind you :)